Figure Figure is a digital magazine founded in 2017 specialising in young contemporary creation, which places the dialogue at the heart of its approach. Each issue is in the form of a conversation with an emerging artist. It is published monthly and available to download for free in PDF format. As a virtual object, the PDF can multiply infinitely and has an approach of accessibility and sharing. The editorial and curatorial team aims to enhance the dissemination of knowledge by documenting the contemporary with these free accessible archives. The title, Figure Figure, evokes the face to face, the aesthetic form, the symbol, the movements, but also the linguistic process that is the figure of speech, and “figure it out” means understanding. Since its inauguration, several researchers have joined Figure Figure and the project has evolved – nourished by plural propositions – and created the strength of the collective. In this fast-paced world where the flow of information circulates despite the quality, where the concentration of individuals decreases while the mass media opts for shorter and shorter formats, Figure Figure follows the opposite of this trend with a monthly publication dedicated to one artist only: a comprehensive interview including a rich illustrated section of the artist’s work. The result is an ongoing series of archives available to the public, which fosters research in making art more accessible and readable.

Figure Figure has been kindly supported by Fluxus Art Projects.


Alexia Abed
Line Ajan
Noam Alon
Indira Béraud
Angela Blanc
Mathilde Cassan
Jordan Derrien
Sandy Di Yu
Lou Ferrand
Marco Galvan
Simon Gérard
Rémi Guezodje
Camille Houzé
Fiona Vilmer

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Atelier Pierre-Pierre

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